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Vous ne paierez rien de plus. T, myseped profitez du haut débit pleinement, sans soucis. Users are reporting 2 mbps download speed. What is not clear is whether they are seeing this when downloading torrents from local peers or whether this happens with international downloads as well.

However MT recently tried to improve its services, offering packages like MyT, But i wonder if its not a kind of strategy just to get lots of people to sign in a 1 year contract before MTML start providing its services!

The question is… how slow? Do you think it will revert to the old kbps afer exceeding the limit, or slower still?

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The only problem is the 1 year contract term! Will another ISP wont provide a better package in the meanwhile: Y dont u relate ur stories online? U know wat MT Tech said??? Many of the complaints about Nomad are unjustified if you ask me. For one, very few people ever call technical support to receive a free assessment of their connection. I did so when I subscribed to Nomad on behalf of a relative, and the technician was quick to sort out the problems. Secondly, anyone will be disillusioned if they expect a huge difference in speed when moving from dial-up to myspeee.

The difference myseped minimal. Lastly, I think some have taken chances and subscribed to Nomad despite knowing that their areas are not covered by the network. My wife uses Skype to talk to a relative everyday, and they experience very few problems.

Once the connection was very bad, but it turned out myspred Nomad were upgrading the network which they followed promptly by a phone call.

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I personally find it amazing that we can do video calls to Mauritius on such a narrow bandwidth. Having said that, I know another Nomad subscriber who experiences many problems with his connection. Nomad offers low price for 24hrs connetivity, for some1 who like me had a 50hrs package with MT and on top of that with my excess, that was costly. I have just been on the phone with one of the My. I was meaning to ask those who have tried the Video on Demand service, does it or does it not consume the available bandwith and can one surf the net simultaneously?


The only thing that could resolve a prob for them is to reset the livebox. ADSL is extremely expensive in Mauritius. In my opinion, a good way to decrease this price is to have more local servers and mirrors.

But up to now, the price is not reduced. Mauritius Telecom has broken record on profit this year. By now Adsl kb must have been below Rs Who will finally brake the monopoly of MT? That is why Im using Nomad. I found Nomad good but at time I do get broken connection. But I manage with my Nomad as the price is good. Hi friends, Never take My. T Package from Mauritius Telecom. I have used my 1gb limit in 2 days. After that the connection is extremely slow. So slow that I cant open my web page!

My livebox is not working from 5 days. I dont know if it is because that I have exceeded my 1gb. Up to now no technician from MT have come. Yesterday, I have meet a relative working for MT. He told me that My. T will never work in Mauritius as the Safe cable is too weak! The flow of Broadband is too much saturated.

myspeed 2.14 beta

That is why MT is buying Eassy cable. It is useless to burn your money on My. Mysspeed agree wiz wat ur saying, but see it in a diff angle. Technicians there are not so professionals. However,sailendrah, during these past days there was a pb on safe cable coz 45Mb of it were damaged. Even at La Reunion they got slower connections or not at all.

myspeed 2.14 beta

Thats why u were unable to open a web page. Any suggestion will be fine. Yeah,but is it not annoying that everytime that your download speed drops you need to turn off your pc for even 15 minutes then turn it on again to get back that reasonable speed? Is there no other way,like changing the configuration of the livebox or may be re-adjusting some settings at the telecom headquarters there?

I have been experiencing similar problems with my adsl kbps line during the past weeks too. The hotliners told me that past 1 GB, my download rate would oscillate between and kbps. However, what is think is that ADSL users, and i mean all ADSL users, are probably given lower priority during daytime irrespective if they got past their download limit or notso as not to sip out all the bandwidth, thus allowing non-DSL users, to surf at a reasonable speed.

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At night, when the bandwidth is less sollicited, due to a decreased number of users, we get a higher priority which accounts for a higher download rate. Well, thats my theory.

Now, on a different note, i would like to know if any of you guys been downloading on the torrent network. Personally, i get a NAT error and i suspect the livebox to be the cause. Myseed disabled the integrated firewall and opened all my ports, but nada! I just got hold of My.


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I also myspeec him telling some colleague about it being 44 at my place. One question to all Myt users,does your livebox heat up like hell??? And another thing,when you turn off your pc,do you let your livebox on or turn it off too? By the way,i would like to thank Avinash about his great blog,which we are all using to discuss about that Myt thing. Keep up the good work!!! ADSL means Asymetric digital subscriber line which also means that you will never get a same and constant speed rate each time you connect to the Net.

They know that ADSL users here are paying a fixed amount for unlimited internet connections which means that it will not provide them additional profit. However, the only way to get a same,stable connection speed is to have myepeed SDSL connection. Attenuations mease the weakness of your phone line.

I think that your attenuation is too high coz the limit is up to 45 here. This can result in lost of connection some time. You should tell them to clean up your DSL line. By the way, myspees my friends said, this website is great Avinash coz we can help each oher through it.

Good news my friend! One of the hotliner there told me that we are no more restricted on 1Gb of full connection speed. The variation of my connection speed is somewhat erratic these days. My set-top box has twice lost the feed from the Livebox.

Has anyone else experienced this? UDP test will not be performed]]]]. Any person who, knowingly discloses any password, access code, or any other means of gaining access to any program or data held in any computer system —.

I have two kids. And I still have a lot of research and teaching to do…. Use Opensource software instead. They are as good and they are free: T has not been configured properly and they are not being able to reslove the problem.

Thats weird cause now since mysped seems the programs which downloads the fastest on my pc. If your ports on the livebox is open and emule still gives a low id, you have to keep on restarting the livebox and it will eventually work.

It is effective only within 3km. You mean you get kbps after the garantie dusage has been used up? Thats weird cause after mine is used up i only get kbps or even less and i have a kbps connection.

I phoned them a couple of times but they did not do anything to solve that problem. XXX its very hard to download from P2P programs but the web seems faster. So i have to keep on reseting the livebox till my ip bega And i opened the ports necessary for emule to work on emule.