In-depth discussions with members of the art world who live and work outside of New York

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Episode 22: Spencer Evans

“I wanted to find out more about my African identity outside of an American context.” Spencer Evans is a Dallas-based artist who uses bold colors and dynamic gestures to...

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Episode 21: Benito Huerta

“We’re on the precipice of destroying ourselves. So, how do we come up with solutions to avoid that? I think we’re spurred on by the beauty that surrounds us.”...

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Episode 20: Riley Holloway

“One of the greatest benefits to being independent is the relationship you have with the client…you get to be there and have a conversation of why they purchased something...

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Episode 19: Dornith Doherty

“I tend to think of it being about place, the landscape and the environment and how our interaction with those places affects those landscapes.”   Dornith Doherty is an...

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Episode 18: Camp Bosworth

“It’s like I’m a country singer so I’m going to sing about Texas. It’s in my soul.”   Camp Bosworth is a Marfa-based artist who utilizes wood carving to...

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Episode 17: Maggie Adler

“What we do as curators at museums is a form of teaching for students we may never meet”   Maggie Adler is Curator at the Amon Carter Museum of...

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Featured Guests

Steven Charles


Steven speaks about returning to Texas after 20 years in NYC. 

Maggie Adler


Maggie gives insight into marrying historic and contemporary American art

Webb Gallery


Bruce and Julie Webb discuss the joys of preserving America’s folk art tradition

Kelly Cornell

arts administrator

Kelly provides details on the history and future of the Dallas Art Fair

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